Shopping malls

Going to the mall is part of the current daily life. And parking is an exclusive criterion when choosing a shopping mall. Comfortable parking is a way of attracting customers and increasing their loyalty. Parking guidance systems and find your car options provide added-value features designed to upgrade a shopping mall, make it technological, automatic and attractive to customers. 

With stylish housings that fit aesthetically in every parking installation, Spot control sensors provided by Quercus make parker’s life easier when it comes to finding an available parking spot.

A wide range of LED color lights can be configures to show the availability of the parking spaces based on to their type and/or location.

As license plate recognition is performed at every spot, data about the exact location of the vehicle is available when needed and it can be used in "Find your car" applications.

With Quercus solutions, mobility and vehicle rotation inside the parking facilities is guaranteed. Reports about parking usage and customers’ frequency and behaviour can also be drawn to help make marketing decisions, increase revenues and cut down expenses.  

Main benefits: