Car access

Car Access capability included in BirdWatch® is a computer system that controls the entry and exit movements of the vehicles through highly accurate license plate recognition at entry/exit points. Providing all this information, Car Access allows for a better control of all the events that occur on the access lanes.

Car Access capability allows for an efficient management of all data gathered through license plate recognition at entry/exits, detect incidents that occur on the entry/exit lanes, set up alarms and default actions to be taken when a certain type of incident is detected. 


  • Highly reliable vehicle identification through license plate recognition
  • Detect incidents and set up alarm controls
  • Create and manage white & black lists
  • Control of all events and movements at entry/ exit
  • Avoid vehicle theft & claims
  • Improve car park management and enhance users’experience

Car Access capability is based on license plate recognition technology that can be defined as a set of hardware and software elements required to capture the image of a vehicle and then provide its license number as a text string. Car Access displays in BirdWatch software platform license plate recognition data captured by the All-in-One SmartLPR® Access units manufactured by Quercus. 

Quercus provides proprietary LPR technology, tested and successfully proven in worldwide applications. Anticipating market needs, Quercus has developed a powerful OCR and advanced holistic computer vision algorithms that are meant to cope with the great diversity of factors that influence the correct acquisition and processing of license plate images. SmartLPR® Engine is a proprietary highly reliable OCR that provides fast recognition of license plates on all continents and regardless of the state of preservation of the plates.

  • Online prebooking of parking spaces based on license plate
  • Automatic entry/ exit for patrons
  • Detect fraudulent tickets & ticket exchange, and search lost tickets
  • Prevents fraudulent access to the facilities
  • Control of overnight stay vehicles
  • Multiple filters to check vehicle information (by license, ticket number, etc.)
  • Get usage statistics and marketing information to boost clients' loyalty